Immerse Artists Experience is the perfect place to ease back into dance events. Our compassionate, caring, and understanding team, along with our smaller class sizes, will make you feel at ease as you transition back into group environments.

To many, dance IS an essential way of life. Dance is not an option, and we need it! We as dancers have the ability to adapt to different environments, and with the current situation, we will do just that. Although this season may look a little different, our hearts and mission remain the same: to provide inspiring classes of substance and value giving dancers tools to help them succeed in dance and in life.

The health and safety of our dancers, studio owners, teachers, observers, faculty, and staff have always been, and will forever be, a top priority. Please click here to see some of our additional health and safety protocols. We believe IAX events can be held in a safe and healthy way, and it is our sincerest hope that we can dance together in community. If it is not possible to hold events in our venue, we will still have the experience! We are ready to provide a virtual dance experience this season! We will always provide a wonderful experience with top-notch classes taught by qualified educators whether it be in-person or virtually.

We understand that there may be some concern and anxiety about returning to in-person dance. We hope to answer your questions about what IAX will look like this season. We want to give you peace of mind and assurance as you transition back into your dance studio and dance events. Dance conventions have been in existence since 1976, two years before dance competitions. You could even say that social distancing was “invented” by dance. Dancers have always been taught to take space, be spatially aware, stay on their mark, and move together as one unit. We assure you that dance has always been safe and will continue to be safe. Please know that you can trust Immerse Artists Experience. We are an honest, family-owned business who cares for each family that we are blessed to serve. The owner was once a studio owner. We will not do you wrong! We value relationships, and we want to work alongside you.

In-Person Experience

Immerse Artists Experience is planning to have in-person events this season. Attendance will be limited, and this does include observers. Spatial awareness will be addressed and implemented. Many other health and safety procedures will also be in place. Please click here to read some of our health and safety guidelines.


We understand that some families may not be ready to attend our in-person experience, while other families are eager to attend in-person. Please know we are ready to see you as soon as you are comfortable. Everyone is important to us! For those who aren’t quite ready, or if we don’t come to your area, there will be a virtual experience. We don’t want anyone to be left out at IAX. There will be a registration for our virtual experience. As with our in-person events, a minimum number of total participants will be required for the virtual option “to make”. This is available for independent dancers and as a studio option. Studio owners, please contact us for studio pricing information.

 If we are unable to have the in-person experience, you do have options. You can transfer your registration to another in-person event or attend the virtual experience. All account holders will be contacted personally by our office as to all available options if we are unable to host the live and in-person event. We will not go dark on you!

For more information on IAX Virtual, please click here.

Observer Bands

As of July 22, 2020, we are no longer accepting observer registration. If you have already registered and paid for your observer band, there is a very good chance you will have to be refunded for your observer wristband. This policy is due to restrictions concerning the number of people allowed within the space. At this time, observer wristbands will be limited to studio owners only. Please be aware that these studio owner wristbands may be eliminated depending on the location’s capacity restrictions. Wristbands may have to be issued to studios based on need (number and/or age of attendees). The order of observer wristband priority will be as follows: studio owners, followed by teachers, then parents. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through these decisions.

Thank you for your support!

We know that the 2020 season may look a little different but the quality remains the same! IAX will continue to provide an organized event with outstanding classes of value taught by a top-notch faculty! We are committed to safe and extraordinary events with the best customer service in the industry! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. We are always happy to help.

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