IAX Onsite Health & Safety Protocols

The United States COVID-19 situation is fluid and changes often. These changes can vary from state to state. We are constantly monitoring each of our locations. We have devised a tentative plan of action. Our plan will follow current venue, local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines. In attempts to stay current and to keep the level of confusion down, the account holder will receive an email outlining the exact protocols for your event one week prior. We will always keep the account holder up to date with any changes that may occur between that email and the actual event.

Below you will find some of the things we, along with our hotel and venue partners, are doing to add to the health and safety measures already in place. The practices and protocols below may not reflect all efforts and actions taken by Immerse Artists Experience, our host hotels and venues. The health, safety, and well-being of our dancers, studio owners, teachers, observers, faculty, and staff have always been, and always will be, a top priority. Our health and safety measures will be modified if and when necessary based on recommendations and guidelines from the venue, local, state, and federal authorities.

 Flu-like Symptoms

  • We ask that any attendee that has, or has recently had, flu-like symptoms not attend. Options will be available with a doctor’s note.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are recommended in common areas, such as our lobby/foyer. Face covering recommendations and requirements may vary from location to location.

Temperature Checks

  • Studio owners are encouraged to check the temperatures of their entire group prior to entering the IAX area.
  • The IAX staff will have a temperature check prior to doors opening to the public.

Hand Washing

  • All faculty and staff will wash their hands frequently throughout the event. All attendees are encouraged to do the same.

Limited Dancer/Observer Capacity and Spatial Awareness

  • Class size will be limited as originally planned in our business model. Class sizes may be reduced even more based on ballroom size, restrictions, and guidelines. We are working with each venue to increase the contracted ballroom space to allow for even more personal space for each dancer. If we reach an oversold situation due to capacity restrictions, in-person attendance may be determined by payment date and/or registration date.
  • Observer wristbands will be limited, if not entirely eliminated, based on capacity restrictions. We cannot guarantee that any wristbands will be given and/or sold at the door to anyone. We also cannot guarantee any wristbands pre-sold as a part of online registration. As of July 22, 2020, we are not accepting observer registration. Observer wristbands may be limited to studio owners only. The order of observer wristband priority is studio owners, followed by teachers, then parents (with independent parents having priority over parents whose dancers are registered with the studio).
  • Spatial awareness will be addressed at the beginning of the first class. We expect all dancers to be spatially aware at all times. Throughout the history of dance, dancers have been taught spatial awareness and dancing in formation as one unit. This principal begins at an early age with place marks on the floor in the dance studio. At IAX, dancers are expected to be spatially aware throughout each class.
  • Chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart or the distance determined at the time of the event by the CDC, state, and local officials. Chairs will only line the perimeter of the ballroom if there is adequate space to accommodate the dancers. Please remember observers may be very limited, and may not even be possible.
  • Please observe spatial awareness both inside and outside of class. We kindly ask that you please keep a 6-foot distance, or the distance determined at the time of the event by the CDC, state, and local officials, between yourself and others. Although our faculty and staff would love to hug, high five, and get close enough for pictures, we must refrain at this time.
  • We ask that registration be double and triple checked to see that each dancer is in the age and ability division preferred prior to submission. Due to class restrictions, class changes/adjustments may not be made at the event. 

Elimination of Large Dance Bags

  • Large dance bags are discouraged, and because of space, may not be allowed. If possible, we suggest that dancers put their belongings in a Jumbo 2.5 gallon Zip Lock bag with the dancer’s name written on the bag. These bags can be easily discarded at the end of the event. If this is not an option, please bring a very small dance bag.

Elimination of Water Stations

  • We will not have water stations in the dance rooms. We ask that all attendees please bring their own water to class.

Morning Warm-up and Faculty Introduction, Faculty Meet and Greet,

Faculty Q & A, Scholarship Announcement Ceremony

  • Dancers and Observers are expected to be spatially aware.
  • Unfortunately, our free add-ons such as the morning group Warm-Up and Faculty Introduction, Faculty Q & A, Faculty Meet and Greet, and the combined group Scholarship Ceremony must be eliminated this season. A morning introduction and scholarship ceremony will be held separately for each age division in their classroom.

Modified Schedule: Modified Arrival Times, Dismissal Times, and Breaks

  • We will be moving to a modified schedule this season to minimize crowds in the common areas. Each age division will have a specific arrival time, lunch break, dismissal time, and time to shop.
  • In some of our locations, we may not be able to have the free bonus class for the juniors, teens, and seniors due to modified scheduling.

One-Way Entrance and Exit

  • When there are multiple doors into a ballroom, doors will be designated for entrances and exits. Doors will be clearly marked. We kindly ask that you use the appropriate door. 
  • For security purposes, all doors to the ballrooms will remain closed during class sessions. There will be paper towels or wipes, etc. located by each door for attendees to use to pull door handles.

Hotel and Venue Cleanliness

  • Our hotels and venues have assured us that they will have increased and thorough cleaning of all surfaces, elevators, rooms, handrails, etc. 
  • IAX surfaces will be sanitized often throughout the event.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Each hotel should provide hand sanitizer. We also encourage attendees to bring hand sanitizer for quick and easy use.
  • We kindly ask that you please use hand sanitizer prior to shopping and after the completion of transactions. We also ask that account holders use hand sanitizer before and after visiting the registration table for check in.

Touchless Pop-up Shop (if required by the venue or government)

  • The Pop Up Shop will have a “no-touch” display if the venue or government requires it. This would mean touching and trying on merchandise would not be allowed and all sales would be final. All merchandise would be handled by IAX staff until purchase is complete. If this is not required and you would like to purchase an item that has not been out for display, please ask for the item “from the back” and we will happily get the item for you. If you would like to pre-purchase any items, please contact our office. Pre-purchased items will be available for pick up during check-in by the account holder.

Cashless (if required by the venue or government)

  • We would only accept credit cards and contactless forms of payment, such as Apple Pay, at our IAX Pop Up Shop. This would be in effect if the venue or government mandates it.

Touchless Check-in (if required by the venue or government)

  • Check-in will only be “touchless” if required by the venue or government. A touchless check-in would mean that all scholarship numbers and wristbands would be shipped/mailed to the account holder. If we do not offer a touchless check-in for your location, you may request one for an additional fee. If you request a touchless check-in, the registration deadline and deadline for changes may be earlier than the late tuition deadline listed on the website.