Special Offers

Early Reservation Program

The Early Reservation Program gives studio owners the opportunity to secure spots for group attendance prior to the opening of registration. With early reservations, studio owners receive first priority registration in sold-out situations and receive event specific pre-registration information. The Early Reservation Program only runs from May 1 to June 15 each year.

STUDIO OWNERS: Please contact our office to learn about other benefits that come with an early reservation.


To participate in the Early Reservation Program, you must be a studio owner with a Dance Bug account. If you don’t have a studio account, simply click Register, then click sign up. From there, you will create a Dance Bug account for your studio. 

Please click Register and login to your Dance Bug account from the IAX website. Then, click the city you wish to attend. You will need to enter the number of dancers you anticipate bringing in each age division. (Individual names will not be needed until registration.) A realistic estimate is needed as these numbers play a significant role in room capacity and what will be available once registration opens July 1. You may make adjustments to your reservation as long as there is availability. If a room is reaching capacity, you will be notified immediately as you are given the first opportunity to secure the spots.

A $300 deposit is due within 7 days to confirm the reservation. Payment can be made with a credit card online, or to avoid the 5% service fee, payment can be made with a cashier’s check or money order. Reservations cannot be honored without the deposit.

Actual registration cannot fall below 15% of the reservation number for special offers to be honored.

All dancers, studio owners, teachers, and observers must be entered into the registration system between July 1 and the city’s Early Bird deadline, which is 30 days prior to the event. When registration is submitted, please email info@iaxdance.com prior to making the payment.

Registration must be completed by the Early Bird deadline. After the deadline, fees will increase and added benefit eligibility will be null and void.

Referral Program

Refer a studio that has never had a student attend Immerse Artists Experience and earn rebates!


Recommend us to your studio owner friends! When a studio that has never had a dancer attend registers a minimum of 5 non-scholarship dancers, you are eligible for a $100 credit to your account. The new studio will need to email info@iaxdance.com stating they have been referred by you. Once their registration is complete and meets requirements, your account will be credited. There is no limit to how many $100 credits can be applied to your account!

Please note: Only one studio per new account can receive the $100 referral credit.