Tour Info

2024 tour dates

There is no better way to start your new dance year than with friends at Immerse Artists Experience! Registration opens July 1 and the Early Bird Deadline is 30 days prior to the event. We can’t wait to see you there!

We are looking to expand in the future. Let us know if you are interested in having Immerse Artists Experience come to your area.


September 22

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Aug 23

baton rouge

September 29

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Aug 30


October 13

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Sept 13


October 20

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Sept 20

st. paul

October 27

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Sept 27


November 3

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Oct 4

des moines

November 10

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Oct 11

st. louis

November 17

Early Bird Tuition Deadline: Oct 18

Tuition & Age Divisions


Ages are determined as of the event date.


MINI: 5-8
JUNIOR: 9-12



MINI: 5-8

JUNIOR: 9-11

TEEN: 12-14

SENIOR: 15-19

Registration will automatically calculate for a 3 room convention. Registration will be adjusted manually for a 4 room convention.


Early Bird Tuition


Full Tuition


Late Tuition



Early Bird Registration


Full Registration


Late Registration



Early Bird Registration


Full Registration


Late Registration



Early Bird Registration


Full Registration


Late Registration


There is a limit of TWO free observing studio owners. Studio owners should be registered as Directors and studio teachers and staff should be registered as Teacher – Observer or Teacher – Dancer.


There is an additional $10 charge for independent registration (included below).
Early Bird Tuition


Full Tuition


Late Tuition


registration Information

Studio Owners/Directors may use their discretion to place dancers in the classroom that is most appropriate. A dancer can always register for an age division lower or higher. This adjustment should be made during the registration process. Dancers who participate in an age division lower will not be eligible for scholarships or awards. Dancers that dance up an age division are eligible for scholarships and awards.

Changes to age divisions made at the event must be requested during the first two classes. Changes can only be made by the account holder and can only be accommodated if space allows. Please notify IAX staff at the Pop-Up shop to request changes and for a new wristband.

Age divisions may be combined for classes in some cities without notice. Tuition for dancers includes a minimum of six classes. Classes are scheduled for either 45 minutes or one hour. In some cities and age divisions, there may be a free bonus class in the schedule for juniors, teens, and seniors.

Dancers may attend without a registered teacher but teachers and observers may only attend with registered dancers.

Payment is required with registration. Registration is not complete and the attendee(s) space is not confirmed until full payment is made. Registration/Tuition payment cannot be made at the event for pre-registered observers, teachers, or dancers. We do not accept dancer registration or registration payment at the door.

There is an OPTIONAL Early Reservation period (May 1 – June 15) for studios attending as a group. Registration opens July 1. Early reservations only hold spots and will still require registration.


Payment Information

payment dates

All tuition and observer pricing is determined by the date the payment is received, not the date registered. Check your city for the registration deadlines. Payments must be postmarked by the deadline. A grace period of 3 days will be allowed for certified funds to arrive. After the 3-day grace period, tuition rates will increase to the current rate. The new balance will be due at that time. Please make sure to get a tracking number. Payments not received by the Thursday prior to the event will be charged late pricing and must be paid with a credit card. No exceptions.


Registration will not be processed and cannot be guaranteed for the event without full payment. Studios with an early reservation and a $300 deposit on file will have first priority if an event reaches capacity. (Early reservations take place May 1 – June 15. Deposits must be received within 3 business days of the reservation submission.)


Personal and studio checks are not accepted. A cashier’s check or money order is the preferred payment. Credit card payments will have a 5% service fee added.


Dancers attending more than one 2023 IAX event are eligible to receive a 25% discount off tuition for additional cities. (Must email upon registration, prior to payment, for the multiple city discount to be applied).

scholarships and special offers

Studio owners should contact the office via email once all dancers are registered. Scholarships and special offers that may be available will be applied at that time. Multiple scholarships for a single dancer cannot be combined. The highest valued scholarship will be applied. Scholarships are non-transferrable. Payment should be made with a cashiers check or money order upon finalization of the account. Payment in full with certified funds by the early bird deadline is required to be eligible for any special offers that may be available. Studio owners should contact the office for more information.

optional studio fees

Studio Owners may charge their own administrative fees to cover the cost of time and expense they incur while organizing, registering, and attending the event.

no refunds

We do not offer refunds. There are no exceptions.

credit consideration

A minimum of a 24-hour notice is required for credit to be considered for any reason. Credit consideration is on a case-by-case basis and will only be addressed with the studio owner. Notification onsite upon event check-in will result in forfeiture of that registration. If a dancer cannot attend due to illness or injury, a doctor’s note is required a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event to be considered for any type of credit. If credit is issued, the credit is non-transferrable and is valid for up to one year.

General Information

waiver and release form

In order to attend and/or participate at any IAX event, a waiver and release form must be signed electronically no later than the Wednesday prior to the event. Waivers must be signed by all in attendance: dancers, studio owners, teachers, & observers. Observers MUST be registered with their name, not the name of their dancer. Waivers will be emailed to the account holder two weeks prior to the event. The account holder will forward the email to all attendees for an e-signature.

check in

Studio owners and independent dancers should proceed to the registration table to pick up all observer and staff wristbands as well as the designated scholarship numbers for dancers. If you are registered with a studio, you do not need to check in. Your studio owner or designated studio representative will pick up the packet.

wristbands & dance numbers

All dancers are required to wear their assigned number and all staff/observers are required to wear their wristband at all times to gain access to the dance rooms. Wristbands are not transferable. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

class changes

Faculty and class styles are confirmed per event and are subject to change without notice. Occasionally, advertised faculty may be replaced with equally qualified professionals. We reserve the right to change dates and/or locations.


Water stations may not be available. Dancers should bring their own bottled water.

merch payment

The Immerse Pop-Up shop accepts credit card and cash payments for merchandise. Checks are not accepted.

personal items

Dancers are asked to keep all personal items under the chairs and against the walls to create as much dance space as possible. Luggage and oversized bags are not allowed in the classrooms.


Good sportsmanship is expected at all times from everyone in attendance.

terms & conditions

By registering, attending, and/or participating, you (studio owners, teachers, office managers, observers, dancers, parents/legal guardians of attendees and those registered, etc.) agree to all of the terms, conditions, and policies listed on the website, including the waiver which you can read by clicking here.

email list

By starting a registration, you agree to be added to our email list.

Observer Information


Parents/Legal Guardians of dancers are only allowed inside the classroom if they have purchased an observer wristband. All observers must accompany a paid registered dancer and must be registered individually. Wristbands are not an open pass to all rooms. Observers are only allowed in the room(s) with their registered dancer(s).


IAX reserves the right to limit the number of observers in each classroom based on space and attendance. If we have reached capacity prior to the intensive, observer bands will not be sold at the door. Pre-registration is encouraged. The observer band price is not based on the time of the dancer’s registration but on the time the payment is received. If space is available, observer bands will be sold at the door at the late registration rate of $40.


Respect for the dancers and staff is expected. Please refrain from carrying on conversations or any other activity that may distract or cause disruption to the learning environment. Observer must remain seated in a chair along the perimeter of the room. Observers may not sit on the floor at any time. IAX reserves the right to revoke observer privileges for any reason without refund or credit.


Studio owners/directors will receive a complimentary wristband allowing them access into all classrooms. (There is a limit of two complimentary wristbands for directors per studio.) Persons listed as studio owners/directors will have access to all information pertaining to the studio’s account, payments, and registration. Additional teachers may purchase an observer wristband allowing them access.


Observer wristbands cannot be exchanged, are non-transferable, and are non-refundable. They must be worn and visible at all times. Wristbands are not required for the morning welcome or the scholarship announcements at the end of the day.

Personal items

Observers, all well as dancers, are expected to keep personal items under chairs and against the wall making as much room for dance space as possible.

Observer Option

Although IAX has the observer option, studio owners may choose to not allow observer wristbands to be sold to members of their registered studio during the registration process or at the door. Studio owners must notify IAX upon registration prior to the event. Questions that parents/guardians may have on this matter will be directed to the studio owner as the decision is not that of IAX.

Photo & Video


For the safety of the dancers, to protect the work and choreography of the faculty, and to reduce distractions, photography and video recording from any type of device (including cell phones and cameras) is strictly prohibited in ALL classes. The only exception for video is when our faculty gives you permission to record at a specific time. Our faculty and staff reserve the right to remove anyone who is video recording or taking photos without permission, without refund or credit.


The faculty must quickly move from one class to the next. Out of courtesy for other dancers and the faculty, please refrain from requesting photos between classes as they will not be able to accommodate the request. The faculty may be available during lunch and will be available after each event for pictures.


A professional photographer and videographer will be onsite. Photos will be available after the event for viewing and purchase. (Please allow up to two weeks for photos to be uploaded.)

Safety & Security


The health and safety of our dancers, studio owners, teachers, observers, faculty, and staff have always been, and will forever be, a top priority. Our protocols may vary event to event depending on current guidelines in each location.


All registered dancers, studio owners, teachers, and observers are required to sign an Immerse Artists Experience waiver and release form in order to attend.

Release of liability

Immerse Artists Experience, the host hotel, and facilities are not responsible for any lost personal items, broken items, injuries, or illness (including any events or situations that may come from injury or illness).


If first aid is needed, please see an IAX staff member at our merchandise Pop-Up shop. Basic first aid items such as band aids and ice packs will be available. For serious illness or serious injury, please call 911 and notify IAX staff immediately.


The safety of our dancers in attendance is our first priority, therefore, we can only accept observer registration for those accompanying their registered dancer. Observers and dancers must be registered under the same account. No exceptions.


All dancers under the age of 18 who are registered with Immerse Artists Experience must be accompanied by an adult of legal age. The adult must be in the vicinity throughout the event.


Persons wishing to purchase observer bands at the door must provide acceptable proof that they are attending with a particular registered dancer. Any person that attempts to purchase a wristband that cannot answer specific questions will be reported.

Independent Registration

Immerse Artists Experience (IAX)  wholeheartedly believes that dancers should be consistent with their training and attend classes on a regular basis at their local dance studio. We encourage all dancers to be involved in open communication with their studio owner. Although we happily accept all dancers, including independent registrants, we encourage dancers to register through their studio, unless their studio owner suggests otherwise. Dancers registering independently of a studio must open an account through the “Independent Login.” There is a $10 fee added to all independent registrations.

Please note: Independent registration may be denied in the instance that their studio has confirmed attendance by completing the registration process and making the full payment for the same event. Please see the no refund policy as refunds are not available. It is advised to speak with the studio owner prior to registration.

Redeeming Scholarships

Scholarships earned during the 2023 season may be applied to the 2024 season. In order to redeem the scholarship, dancers must register (and pay any balance due) prior to the Early Bird Tuition deadline. If dancers are participating with a studio, we ask that the studio owner please email us to redeem the scholarship at the time of registration. If the dancer will be attending as an independent, we ask that the parent or guardian please email us to redeem the scholarship at the time of registration. Scholarships are non-transferrable. If the scholarship was earned by a dancer attending with a studio, and the dancer wishes to apply the scholarship amount as an independent or with another studio, we must receive written notice from the original studio owner at the time of registration. Scholarships awarded through a third party are exempt from the release clause. 

Studio Owner Information

We suggest all studio owners call to confirm final pricing and fee information. Please remember that payment must be made with a cashier’s check or money order by the early bird tuition deadline to receive any special offers and to avoid the 5% fee for credit card payments. Personal and studio checks are not accepted. Special offers may only be available for studios that make an early reservation and $300 deposit between May 1 and June 15. Early reservations are NOT REQUIRED to register and attend. If a studio chooses to participate in the Early Registration Program (see Special Offers), a $300 deposit is required within 7 days of the reservation and the actual registration cannot fall below 15% of the spots reserved. Reservations will not be held without a deposit. Studio owners: Please contact the office at 501-817-6243 for more information. Registration opens July 1.