In order to attend and/or participate at Immerse Artists Experience, a completed waiver and release form is required. This waiver is required for ALL dancers, observers, teachers, and studio owners. Access to the ballrooms will not be given to anyone without a completed waiver. Refunds will not be given. No exceptions will be made.

The waivers will be emailed to the account holder two weeks prior to the event. The account holder will forward the email to everyone registered for an e-signature. All waivers must be signed electronically no later than the Wednesday prior to the event. Once a waiver and release form has been signed electronically, notification will be sent automatically to our office. 

Waiver Deadlines:

Memphis: Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Baton Rouge: Wednesday, September 25, 2024

Akron: Wednesday, October 9, 2024

Fargo: Wednesday, October 16, 2024

St. Paul: Wednesday, October 23, 2024

Richmond: Wednesday, October 30, 2024

Des Moines: Wednesday, November 6, 2024

St. Louis (Collinsville, IL): Wednesday, November 13, 2024